20 Research Synthesis Paper Topic Ideas You Never Heard about

If you’re looking for good synthesis paper ideas, then keep reading to get an idea on what they are. This post outlines some of them that you can consider when choosing your topic for a unique and unforgettable paper.


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List of Synthesis Topic Ideas

Below are some ideas of synthesis paper topics concerning different aspects of human life.

Topics on Local Issues:

  1. Local political scandals: You can discuss local politician who embezzled money and if they are charged with corruption or not.
  2. Local university dramas: In here, you can discuss whether students are fighting for book costs or lower tuition
  3. Small business struggles: The struggles of small business and their impact on the community
  4. Local government issues: Should the local government do more actions in helping citizens? It is one of the topics you can discuss
  5. Public school battles: Should public school students be required to wear a uniform or not

Topics on Health Environment:

  1. BPA
  2. Hunting carnivores
  3. Plastic bags should be banned in all states
  4. Neighborhoods and sustainable cities, are they possible?
  5. Should mountain mining continue?

Social Issues Topics:

  1. What personal, political and social concerns lead to the high school dropout rates?
  2. How children are being affected by poverty
  3. Should 17-year-olds have right in refusing medical treatment?
  4. Are children are being overly medicated?
  5. Should college education need to be free for United States citizens?

Topics on Law Enforcement:

  1. Criminal and civil procedure
  2. Deportation of illegal aliens
  3. Electronic surveillance
  4. DNA testing
  5. Criminal defense
  6. Counterterrorism
  7. Police-community relations
  8. Lie detection
  9. Police interrogation

Topics on Media:

If you are a masscom student or enrolled in any related program, then you need to think of a good synthesis topic that you can discuss. Here are areas that you can check out.

  1. Impact of print ads and TV commercials to consumers
  2. Recording techniques in West
  3. Government policies and rules being imposed on channels
  4. Do new channels need to discuss violence?
  5. Social media effect on teenagers behavior
  6. Media role in the cultural diffusion around the world
  7. Do children need parental; supervision in watching TV?
  8. Advertising online for schools
  9. Increasing self-esteem using social media
  10. The effect of social media profiles in applying to schools

There you have the synthesis paper topics you can deal with if you are having a hard time to think of a good topic. You can also look through some synthesis essay tips to make the writing process easier.

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